Experience the Best Brunch in Miami!

Come and enjoy Café Roval’s Brunch on the Upper East Side in Miami. As you enter the best brunch spot in town, you’ll walk through the wrought-iron gate at the entrance and down an enchanted coral path, which charmingly leads you into a magical garden with a cascading pond. It’s an escape from the ceaseless hustle and bustle that is Miami on a Sunday morning, and watching guests take their first jaw-dropping glimpse at the tropical sanctuary is always a pleasure! It’s so captivating that you could miss the beautiful smiles greeting you at the host stand as you stare out at the lush greenery and continue to seemingly be transported to another place.

Experience Cafe Roval Brunch

As our cheerful hostesses momentarily break the spell to escort you to your table, you draw your attention to the happy diners and the delightful array of dishes in front of them. You will begin to realize then, that this is not your standard fare as you are handed Chef Curtis’s eclectic menu of faraway ingredients and flavors. The Hawaiian born, classically French-trained chef has honed in on his culinary talents by combining flavors from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia so perfectly suited for this unforgettable environment.

You’ll notice the Middle Eastern-inspired breakfast sandwich comprised of eggs over easy, halloumi cheese, sliced chicken sausage, a shakshuka with lamb sausage, smoked tomato, and a bit of spice! You might note a vegetarian-friendly and Asian-inspired dish made of egg whites served with oriental-braised tofu, brown rice, and beech mushrooms marinated in soy, or, if you’re craving a hearty steak, you’ll see the classic ‘bavette and eggs’ over romesco with za’atar dusted creamer potatoes.

Sweet Tooth Options

If you have a sweet tooth, your eyes will bring you straight to the chocolate babka French toast with strawberries and whipped crème fraiche, the Meyer lemon pancakes with brandy-soaked blueberries, the coconut French toast sticks, and the homemade sticky buns! A section of platters good for sharing with the table is a great start to the meal – whether you’re in the mood for eggs, bacon, shrimp and grits, or something simple and fresh, like heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and spiced chickpeas with sunny-side-up eggs.

Enjoy The Scenery of Our Historic Landmark

If the fans and misters provided outdoors are still not enough to beat the heat during your Cafe Roval Brunch, you may opt to dine inside of the historic landmark. The building itself is made of all original coral from the 1920s, and the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings romanticize the dining room and give it a cozy feel amidst the relief of the cool air conditioning. You’ll be able to get a peek of the rest of the dishes as they leave the open kitchen window – toasts topped with serrano ham, hazelnut butter, a fried egg, hot pastrami sandwiches, fresh salads, and a number of delectable sides!

At Café Roval, you have options!

A refreshing beverage to set the mood is a must. At Café Roval, you have options! You might want to begin (or end!) your experience at the Tiki Bar, hidden outside beyond the pond, with a classic tiki drink or an original concoction as you lounge on the rustic furniture of the laid-back open space. Or, you can choose a Cafe Roval brunch cocktail from the main bar using ingredients from your usual morning routine – a spiked cold brew, or tea with chai rum and almond milk. No caffeine? No problem! How about a Roval bloody Mary, or a cold glass of Lebanese rosé?

Whatever you are in the mood for, our menu is diversely designed to satisfy any appetite. Come in and join us, Sundays 11 AM- 3 PM for the Best Brunch in Miami.