Reserve a Table at the Most Romantic Restaurant in Miami

Whether you’re out and about in Miami in search of delicious Mediterranean cuisine, wonderful ambiance, or unique drinks to share with your closest friends (or maybe even that special someone), Café Roval has everything you’re looking for and much, much more. As high-end Miami restaurants go, this one has a great deal to offer locals and tourists alike, from a jazzy, soulful, upbeat soundtrack that pairs excellently with the south Florida sun to dishes that will never cease to please. Café Roval is proud of the place it holds within its community and has a gallery full of snapshots that capture the best of what this unforgettable, high-end Miami restaurant has to offer.

The Establishment

The coral-rock-and-wood structure that houses Café Roval is a historical building that’s designed to be welcoming to each and every guest who comes through the doors. The interior of the restaurant is warm and cozy, but the outside seating area is the most remarkable part of the place. Tons of greenery, open sky, and a fresh Miami breeze surround comfy, plush seating areas that are perfect for unwinding in both during the middle of hot summer afternoons or on warm evenings. Head in and find out why Café Roval is voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in Miami.

Picture-Perfect Food

The seasonally-evolving, chef-driven menu at Café Roval utilizes ingredients from local farms in bright, tasty dishes that look as delicious as they taste. Each food-related image in this gallery focuses on another of the vibrant seasonal creations crafted by Chef Curtis Rhodes. Each piece blends healthy yet delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary presentation and flair to create something completely unique and memorable.

A Drink Menu to Remember

Café Roval might be known for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine and remarkable atmosphere, but the drink menu really completes the picture. Aside from the 80 artisanal wines available on the menu, guests may also choose from a selection of unique, specialized mixed drinks. Some of these drinks, perfect for hot weather and outdoor dinners, can be found in the gallery.

Special Events

From Father’s Day to business meetings and casual get-togethers with friends and family, Café Roval is host to a wide range of events every year, complete with special deals and exquisite dishes and drinks for every occasion. Our gallery exhibits a number of advertisements for these events, pulled from the Café Roval Instagram page, where we are able to most effectively reach out to potential customers with news of upcoming activities.

Make a Reservation

Make your next dinner or date night something to truly remember by making a reservation at one of the most romantic restaurants in Miami. Learn what all the buzz is about and experience the food, drinks, and ambiance behind the gallery for yourself.